How to start a Chirping Sparrows Branch

  • If interested do call us on our numbers and our business development team will assist you.
  • Kindly email/whatsapp the: location / city of your interest .
  • We will take 72 hours for review of the location.
  • If the location is approved, we shall send you the sample agreement for signing.
  • Our team of painters/carpenters & designers will set-up the branch for you if needed else you can do it as per our guidance.
  • You shall undertake training at our head office in delhi ncr region - ghaziabad where we provide you with manuals and training material.
  • We shall assist you in purchases for your kids gym / Play school during your training.
  • We shall prepare a marketing plan for your launch in consultation with you.
  • Once the branch is launched, you shall continue to receive regular guidance on running the kids gym and preschool as per the curriculum and standards.
  • To discuss the matter personally kindly call on given number .

For franchise call :- +91 -9971922577 / 9318470042